Are you interested in Asian style? Discover in this book how social media promote this kind of fashion and what Asian rules of style are.

The rapid growth of the social media has transformed the platforms into a gateway to the global fashion industry, providing fashionistas a chance to express their creativity with the tips from Facebook or Instagram. The latter has connected fashion icons from across the globe, giving a spotlight to Asian style and beauty opinion leaders. Find in this book some insights on the virtual world and names of top Asian fashion influencers you may find on Instagram and follow them.

Aimee Song

She is a Korean-American blogger with about 5 million followers. This talented young woman receives more than 2 million views per month. Amazing! Initially Aimee was an interior designer who began her blog back in 2008. However followers enjoyed her outfits and daily style even more. Then she started another page and has since become one of the most iconic Asian fashion presenters in the world. Today her Insta page demonstrates her chic and trendy ensembles and professional destinations like Milano or Phuket.

Pau Dictado

Her account attracts 160 k followers. Now this Filipina lady lives in Los Angeles where she builds up her media empire by documenting her revolutionary, yet feminine style. Pau Dictado’s page consists of unique hairstyles, gothic makeup looks, and the most popular black and white, monotone pictures. This Asian star in the Western world has absorbed the grunge-meets-girly trend and is praised for her ability to transform dark and edgy clothing into a feminine and wearable one. Such are Asian rules of style her way.

Leaf Greener

Beijing based blogger, she is a popular stylist and reporter. In fact, Leaf is an ex senior editor at ELLE China and is famous for trending designs. She has collaborated with a number of world brands. This lady likes an Asian street trends and is followed by an impressive army of users.

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